Work With Me

At Mother Cuppa we love partnering with other small businesses, content creators and press to spread our brand story and share our products with so many more people.  


We would love to work with you in a wholesale capacity. Mother Cuppa is now stocked in local spa’s, retreats, yoga studio’s, hair & beauty salons, cafes and shops.  

Our wholesale options are available upon request, and we work closely with each business to understand the individual requirements of your venue and services.   

Contact us today to find out more and request a quotation. 


Candice is a firm believer in collaborations. It helps spread the word of Mother Cuppa and the messages the brand wants to talk about, and it helps you to provide useful content for your audiences.  

Candice is happy to take part in live social media discussions or podcast interviews. Do get in touch if Candice can help you in any way to make yours and her business a success.  

Here are some examples of how Candice has recently collaborated with others:  

  • Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok lives 
  • Guest blog posts 
  • Podcast interviews 
  • Speaking at online & face to face events  
  • Giveaways and competitions.  

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss an opportunity to work together.  

Examples of how Mother Cuppa has worked with others

For Spa’s, Salons, retreats and events you might
choose to purchase the tea bags as loose tea bags (saving the cost on
packaging) and serve to your clients throughout the day or with treatments. It
might be handy to purchase the wellness collection to display the packaging
because it is so beautiful and also gives details of ingredients and their

For small events you might choose to purchase
just one of the wellness collections to leave on a table for self-service
drinks that people can choose from.

For some events it might be appropriate to have a
tea for each step of the day or one specific blend that matches the intentions
of the event, for example: the relax blend works really well with a sound bath!

It is possible to purchase at wholesale costs and
then charge the RRP allowing you to make a little on top and provide a
beautiful display in your setting if you have capacity.

You might also consider that purchasing the newly
arrived sample pouches would be appropriate for goody bags or baskets by the
refreshment stands.

For any of my clients who choose Mother Cuppa I
am very happy to offer a unique discount code to any of the members of your
audience, this can be shared in emails & socials within a link or I have
some flyers for handing out and including in goody bags.

I am currently just testing an affiliate
software, whereby you would have a unique link to share with your clients and
you would earn commission on any sales made. Keep in touch with me if this
sounds like something you would like.