Our Story

How Mother Cuppa began and what it means to us

How it began....

I am Candice, founder of Mother Cuppa - and yes, it’s an intentional play on words!

I am mother to a stroppy but adorable teen and wife to James, a husband who has yet to fully learn how to turn the washing machine on and whose idea of cooking dinner is re-heating something I made the night before!

Like many of you I seem to be in a state of semi-midlife crisis, when children are growing, hormones are changing and yet the pace of life appears to get busier.

In my late teens I was diagnosed with endometriosis, my treatment resulted in me undergoing a medically induced but reversable menopause. As a result of that treatment, I find myself, at just 40, entering early menopause. During this time, I began to explore how natural remedies could support me through this time.

I went through a diet cleanse 12 years ago, giving up coffee for 28 days.  I’ve never looked back, finding that I was able to experience the benefits that I’d previously relied on coffee for, from drinking herbal teas.  Since then, I’ve become fascinated with the benefits of natural botanicals and teas to support health and wellbeing.

I found it amazing to learn you could select and mix different plants for specific health benefits. As I march confidently out of my 30’s to the brave new world of my 40’s, I have turned more and more to herbs and plants to support my changing body and my wellbeing having suffered with issues with my sleep, energy, anxiety, endometriosis, and the initial stages of perimenopause.  Of course, as I never do anything half-heartedly, I trained as a tea sommelier with the UK Tea academy in London, recognised as a world authority in tea education.

I wanted to use my knowledge from training as a tea sommelier and my interest in plant power to help other women, just like me and to establish something for myself, that inspires me, fits with my values and that I 100% believe in!