Our Values

What's really important to us....

Looking after and listening to our customers, whilst delivering high-quality, efficacious products, drives everything we do.

Our founder’s journey began in response to the challenges of her own life-stage, and those of the women around her. Her knowledge and genuine passion, together with her exacting standards of efficacy and ethical sustainability of ingredients fuel the Mother Cuppa brand. We know our customers because they’re us - our sisters, friends and mothers. We’re proud to celebrate and empower women’s health, wellbeing and confidence through understanding, research and innovation.

In every cup of Mother Cuppa Tea is honesty and reliability.

The proven, ethically sourced ingredients that we select for our unique blends allow busy, hard-working women the choice to improve their health and wellbeing naturally. We’re proud to produce our blends in the UK from the very finest, naturally gluten free and vegan, ethically sourced ingredients. We are transparent about the way in which we source, package and deliver to our Mother Cuppa friends.

Our Mission

Mother Cuppa aims to conveniently add to your daily routine a way to optimise your health and wellbeing. We believe in using the very best quality ingredients, sourced from the most ethical farms around the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help support the health and wellbeing of busy, hard-working women in a modern world.

Our herbal love affair

The joy of drinking herbal tea is embedded into the fabric of our cultural history. Traditional plant-based treatments date back over 4000 years have a long-standing history in supporting women's health and wellbeing. Many modern day medications derive from our historical use of plants. When looking for ways to optimise health and wellbeing starting with plants is the most natural way to support women through differing life changes. Taking a proactive and curious approach to our wellbeing where we are empowered to participate in our own health and wellbeing. We believe that herbs and plants have power in our modern and busy world. We use these ancient traditions from mother nature to blend the perfect tea for women's health. Our customers are women juggling full and demanding lives and who want to feed their body with the right ingredients for them. They need to be sure that what they eat and drink supports their lifestyle, delivers on its promises and is ethically sustainable.