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“What fantastic blends Mother Cuppa have – I drink Herbal tea daily and so always looking for new tastes. These teas not only taste amazing there is also science behind each blend so I know it not only tastes good it’s good for my health – what more can you ask! I am excited to see what comes next. I will definitely be signing up to get the latest news from Mother Cuppa” 


Milton Keynes, UK


"If you are looking for a cuppa which tastes good and may even be good for your health and wellbeing you are in the right place. We enjoyed trialling a few of these tea blends and
loved the complexity of them- like fine wine in tea form! There’s a reason some cultures have been using tea to enhance their lives for centuries so it’s great to have the opportunity to enjoy these expertly crafted blends"

Afra Willmore

Aldbury, UK


“Mother Cuppa’s blends have reawakened my love of herbal tea!  Past experience had led me to the conclusion that herbal teas generally ‘smell better than they taste’ and that a bitter after taste is part of the deal. That’s not what I think now! I’m excited not just by the power of the ingredients - how they’re specifically chosen to benefit me at different points during my day - but also by the truly delicious taste. Win

Amanda Wright

Salford, UK


"My favourite tea from the blends is No.2 Hydrate. As a
mother to a young child and full time career woman who struggles to fit in
prioritising my health - this tea felt like a refreshing pause on my day.  A blend of some of my every day favourite
flavours it felt like a little indulgence to my otherwise regular caffeine or
sugar spikes."

Hazel Patmore

Radlett, UK

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