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Relaxing Herbal Tea for Women

Relaxing herbal tea for women provides daily relaxation. Our Relax Tea is a blend of potent ingredients, makes it our most effective option for bringing calm and relaxation to your busy life. It can also assist with sleep and anxiety, and features natural flavorings, zero caffeine, and zero calories.
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Are you looking for five minutes peace in the day or a little help to unwind of an evening? This concoction of powerful ingredients is our most potent blend, and brings calm and relaxation to your busy world. Careful consideration has been given to the ingredients that would most support a busy woman’s lifestyle to help her relax and unwind.

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🌿 Prevent anxiety from taking over 

🌿 Create a sense of tranquillity during moments of stress.

🌿 Induce a calm feeling 

🌿 Promote a relaxed state of mind to aid in sleep

The relax blend is designed to smell as good as it tastes, bringing about a sense of calm on all of your senses.

Sweet and roasted blend of rosehip, dandelion and lavender.

The natural flavourings in this blend give it a pear and caramel flavour.

Rosehip (25%), Roasted Dandelion Root (18%), Pear Pieces (18%), Cinnamon (17%), Apple Pieces (11%), Orange Peel (3.5%), Puffed Quinoa (3%), Oat Flowering Tops (3%), Lavender (2%), Natural Flavouring

Natural flavourings are natural flavouring preparations which have been derived from only natural ingredients as opposed to artificial flavours or nature-identical flavours, which are the chemical equivalent of natural flavourings but chemically synthesised rather than being extracted from natural source materials.

  • Zero caffeine
  • Zero calories

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Susan Norris

This tea is just so tasty. Nothing better than sitting down with a book and drinking this tea. It smells of caramel, a guilt free treat.


Smells like caramel but with none of the sinful sugar. Very soothing in the evenings!

Oh yes, we agree, shes such a beautiful blend, that smell is just divine. So glad you are enjoying this blend. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
Kind regards


I struggle to sleep and when I drink this relaxing tea an hour before bed time, it really helps me drift off. Better still it tastes rich and caramelised, and feels like a warm hug

Love this review and so pleased to hear the tea is supporting you with your sleep, that'd exactly what we want to achieve with this blend.


Fresh and lovely,will order again!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review, so glad you are enjoying the tea.
Welcome to the communiTEA
Kind regards

Great quality and delicious!

I first tried the relax blend at Happy Place festival and have purchased again since. I love a cup in the afternoon/evening and it definitely does chill and relax me. Tastes delicious too!

Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed our Relaxing Herbal Tea blend at the Happy Place festival. It's great to know that it not only tastes delicious, but also helps you unwind in the afternoon or evening. Thank you for continuing to support our product. Cheers to relaxation!
Welcome to the communiTEA

Relaxing Herbal Blended Tea for calming hormones

Hands up if a good night's sleep is like a distant cherished memory? That 3 am wake-up call making you feel like you have the energy of a gazelle? Or the ability to unwind and switch off and fall asleep appearing to have eluded your body? And let's not even get started on the anxiety that decides to show up in midlife.

Introducing Mother Cuppa Relaxing herbal tea blend, a haven of tranquility in a cup, designed to soothe and unwind. Comprised of 100% natural ingredients, this blend combines gentle anxiolytics and sedatives to instill calmness and relaxation. Lavender, oat flowering tops, and quinoa take center stage as the main components, weaving together a symphony of serenity. Ideally savored at day's end, this blend proves equally effective during heightened stress situations throughout the day.

Relaxing herbal tea blend designed to heighten your senses and induce a deep sense of calmness, making it a multi-sensory experience.

The smell of this blend is as important as the ingredients to heighten all senses and induce a sense of calm.

Will this knock you out for 12 hours? Sorry ladies, I make great tea, but I'm not a miracle worker! The reviews on this blend from customers who have tried it suggest an immediate effect of calming feeling, and some have commented on improved sleep.

Our Relax blended herbal tea is more than just a beverage, it's a gateway to tranquility. With a meticulous blend of calming herbs, this tea is your companion in unwinding and revitalising. Explore the path to natural serenity, one sip at a time, with our specially curated Relax herbal tea blend.

What is in Relax tea blend and why?

We consider taste to be essential when we’re creating our blends, but just as important are the benefits. No ingredient makes it into our tea without deserving its place.

Here are our No 3 Relax blend top perfomers...

Puffed Quinoa

Quinoa is suggested to be beneficial for sleep, tissue growth and repair. Its high magnesium and protein content are purported to relax the muscles.

Oat Flowering Tops

Oats are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols and are considered to feed the nervous system in times of stress, nervous system weakness or exhaustion. It is suggested they promote relaxation, leading to better sleep and feelings of well-being.


Lavender is suggested to work as an anxiety reliever and sedative to increase relaxation. It can lower the heart rate, promote a sense of calm and help bring about sleep.

What's in Relax tea blend and why?

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