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How to Give Up Alcohol - Mother Cuppa Tea

There are many reasons you might want to cut down or give up alcohol. Whether you plan to go completely teetotal or just want to give your liver and finances a rest, giving up alcohol can seem like a daunting task. Luckily for you we are here to give you some top tips on how to give up alcohol.

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It might be that you’ve realised that Friday evening post work glass of wine is now a daily habit. Or that it takes a lot more alcohol than it used to to get that familiar buzz. Maybe you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or you are supporting someone else who has given up drinking booze. Health and wealth are the two most popular reasons for giving up drinking along with raising funds and awareness for charity.

So, you’ve decided you want to give up alcohol. What next?

Avoid Temptation

If there’s a cold Chablis on view every time you open the fridge eventually you are likely to cave and have “just one.” If you want to still have booze around to offer to guests, make sure it is not visible or easily accessible to you.

Keeping beer in the attic will keep it cold and out of your easy reach. We have a fridge freezer in an outside brick shed and it’s amazing how off putting it is having to find shoes and venture out into the cold/dark to grab a drink.

Give the alcohol aisle in the supermarket a miss or get someone else to shop for you until the habit of adding booze to the trolley is broken. Don’t be sucked in by bargain booze offers, especially in the lead up to the festive season. You might be able to get a bottle of Irish cream for half price or 25% of six bottles of wine but spend your money on an alcohol-free treat instead.

If friends suggest a trip to the pub volunteer to drive- lots of places offer free soft drinks for the driver. Otherwise suggest an alternative meet up. You are far less likely to drink at the cinema, bowling alley, or escape room.

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Join Forces

Go Sober for October and Dry January are well known campaigns in the UK and teaming up with others may well strengthen your resolve. If it’s not October or January why not see if work colleagues, friends and family want to launch their own campaign.

You could do some good by donating some of the money you have saved not buying alcohol to your favourite charity.  Or buy a new TV – your choice! All joking apart when you create or join a team and share your ups and downs you are far more likely to succeed in reaching your goal.

Cut Down

If you are worried about the amount of alcohol you drink or how much you depend on it for mood, entertainment or stress relief, the thought of going cold turkey might seem too daunting. For some people who are alcohol dependent it can be downright dangerous. If this is the case cutting down would be a good first step.

Maybe limit drinking to the weekend (no binge drinking though!) or only when you are with friends, or only with a meal. You could reduce the amount of alcohol you drink too by asking for spritzers at the pub and making sure you never order doubles.

You could set yourself a two drink limit or make every other drink a soft drink. If you are thirsty, down a big glass of water or a soft drink before picking up a pint which you might neck without really tasting or enjoying. If you suspect you have an addiction to alcohol see your GP who can offer practical help and advice.

Explore Alternatives

The alcohol industry has cottoned on that a lot of people enjoy the taste, look and vibe of drinks but don’t want or can’t have the alcohol so there are lots of great products out there for people who want to drink without the hangover.

Whether you love beer, bubbles or spirits check out the alcohol-free section of the wine aisle – you might be pleasantly surprised. Often there is little to no change in flavour, and you can join in with your friends raising a glass without having to stick to mineral water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks.

If you are having a soft drink dress it up to look like a cocktail. Add a sprig of rosemary and a slice of lemon, a twist of orange peel, some cucumber or berries into sparkling water and the drink feels more like a treat and is great to show off on Instagram too.

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Instead of relaxing with a glass of wine find a drink which makes you feel good. Check out Mother Cuppa on Instagram where you can find out all about the brand’s wellness range with tea blends to help you relax or feel energised, to bring some calm to a hectic life or to keep you happy and hydrated. Get creative making smoothies or enjoy the smug feeling that your sparkling water is helping your eyes and skin to sparkle too.

Get a Health MOT

Hearing your doctor outline hidden health issues, (which you might have been turning a blind eye to) can be a remarkable incentive to cut down or give up alcohol. For diabetics for instance giving up alcohol can leave extra carbs for foodie treats. You could well find that giving up alcohol will solve sleep issues, help depression, assist weight loss and you might find you have more energy.

Embark on a Refreshing Journey with Mother Cuppa Teas

As you navigate the path of cutting down or giving up alcohol, consider embarking on a journey of wellness and refreshment with Mother Cuppa teas. Just as you explore alternatives in the world of beverages, our wellness tea blends can offer you a delightful array of flavors and benefits to support your well-being.

Imagine sipping on a cup of Mother Cuppa tea, carefully crafted to help you unwind, feel energized, or find calm amidst the chaos of daily life. Our tea blends are meticulously designed to bring balance to your body and mind, offering you a soothing sanctuary in every sip. Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation or a burst of vitality, Mother Cuppa has a tea blend tailored to your needs.

From stress-relieving blends to mood-boosting concoctions, our teas can be your companions on the road to well-being. So, as you make the conscious choice to give up alcohol, why not choose to elevate your everyday moments with the infusion of Mother Cuppa teas? Embrace the feeling of nurturing your body and mind, one sip at a time, and experience the transformation that comes from choosing a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

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