Mother Cuppa Tea - No.1 Energise - Mother Cuppa Tea
Mother Cuppa Tea - No.1 Energise - Mother Cuppa Tea
Mother Cuppa Tea - No.1 Energise - Mother Cuppa Tea


Energising tea for women – a herbal infusion designed to energise you throughout your everyday routine. This herbal tea blend is crafted to recharge and revitalise your energy levels. It features natural flavorings, zero caffeine, zero calories, and numerous benefits.

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Our superfood alternative to coffee, a herbal tea infusion that helps to recharge and revitalise your energy levels. Our choice of traditional herbs have been carefully selected to support wellness for the busy lifestyle of modern day women.

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🌺 Increase stamina

🌺 Stabilise fluctuating hormones.

🌺 Reducing stress on the body and keeping you in a resistance phase for longer so you can complete all your daily tasks

🌺 Promotes mental clarity

🌺 Fewer feelings of fatigue during the day

🌺 Keep your energy levels consistent.

🌺 Opt for a caffeine-free solution to boost your energy.

🌺 Enhance muscle fuel efficiency and increase stamina.

This tea is blended to give your day a kick start with a delicious tangy and aromatic blend of hibiscus, ginger, beetroot and ashwagandha.

The natural flavourings in this blend give it a Cherry flavour.

Ginger (30%), Hibiscus (16%), Apple Pieces (14%), Beetroot (10%), Rosehip (7%), Ashwagandha (5%), Lemongrass (5%), Peppermint (5%), Schizandra Berries (5%), Freeze-dried Cranberry, Orange Peel, Freeze-dried, Cherry, Natural Flavourings.

Natural flavourings are natural flavouring preparations which have been derived from only natural ingredients as opposed to artificial flavours or nature-identical flavours, which are the chemical equivalent of natural flavourings but chemically synthesised rather than being extracted from natural source materials.

  • Zero caffeine
  • Zero calories

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Nice pick me up!

Love this tea. I was after a caffeine free pick me up in the middle of the day.
This does exactly that and is delicious and refreshing.

Thank you so much for leaving a review. I love that you're trying a caffeine free journey and that my tea can help you with this.

Kindest regards

Energise blend

I purchased a pack of your energise tea whilst at the happy place festival last week and I am really enjoying it.
I have struggled in the past to find a herbal tea that is both healthy and tastes good, and have never succeeded - until now! This tea is delicious and is now a part of my morning ritual, I will be ordering more and recommending it to family and friends also 😊

Caroline, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a glowing review. I am so pleased to hear you have enjoyed the uniqueness of my blends. I love that it is part of your routine!

Welcome to the communiTEA


My daily go-to

As a newbie to herbal tea I’ve been trying different brands to find one I actually enjoy and this one hits the nail on the head! It’s comforting but also helps when I’m in need of a boost. Lovely brand and lovely lady behind it (I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Happy Place festival).

Becky, LOVE that we have hit the nail on the head and helped you find a blend you can really get onboard with. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review. It's been so great getting to meet you.

Welcome to the communiTEA

Abigail Foster

Afternoon Delight

We're here to delight your afternoons, Abigail! Stay energised.

Delishous.....very re-freshing.

A very re-freshing tea. Very tasty, in fact delishous

Energise Herbal Tea for when you feel most fatigued during your cycle or when hormones are surging through menopause

Looking to reduce your caffeine intake? Feeling fatigued halfway through the day? Wondering how on Earth you’ll make it through, with a to-do list as long as your arm and a mental load rivalling the size of Everest? Don’t panic, ladies – we’ve got you covered.

Allow us to introduce our Energise tea blend, meticulously crafted to provide unwavering support in maintaining sustained energy levels throughout the day, all without the crash and burn often associated with coffee consumption.

Utilising the potency of adaptogenic herbs, including the powerful Ashwagandha, this plant acts as a rejuvenating tonic. Ashwagandha, revered in Ayurveda for centuries, helps alleviate fatigue and enhance general well-being. Its effects on increasing energy, stamina, and endurance are becoming increasingly recognised.

Will you experience an immediate energy surge? This isn't a jolt akin to a sudden coffee injection. However, you won't encounter the subsequent crash either. By consistently sipping this tea daily over a few weeks, you'll notice a gradual transformation towards sustained energy levels throughout your day. Soon enough, you'll find yourself instinctively reaching for your Energise blend, as you'll feel the difference when you skip it.

Bid farewell to the caffeine rollercoaster and embrace the holistic power of blended herbal tea. Our Energise herbal tea for women is more than just a beverage; it's a journey to revitalisation. With thoughtfully blended adaptogenic herbs, this tea aims to empower you with natural, lasting energy, ensuring your day is brimming with vigour without the inevitable slumps. Take the step towards energised wellness with every sip of our specially crafted Energise herbal tea blend.


It is suggested that beetroot improves muscle fuel-efficiency and enhances stamina. The antioxidants, bioactive compounds and micronutrients are proclaimed to purify the blood, detoxify the liver and spike energy levels.


Ashwagandha’s potent antioxidant properties have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to improve energy, stamina and endurance.

Schizandra Berries

Traditional Chinese medicine considers Schisandra to have a beneficial impact on the heart, lungs and kidneys. Claiming a reduction in fatigue and support for mental concentration.

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