How To Build Energy During Periods

How To Build Energy During Periods - Mother Cuppa Tea
You must sometimes wonder why you have to go through such trauma every month, enduring so much pain while men do not have any. Well, it is part of being a woman and the fact that you can bring a new life into this world.

But this ability to do so comes with discomfort every month. But, experiencing pain before your period is normal. Symptoms before the period may include headaches, bloating, moodiness and fatigue.

How Can Women Build Strength During Periods?

In this blog, we will look at ways to keep yourself feeling energised and strong during periods. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are common in every woman, and all must deal with fatigue. 

But it is crucial to cope with fatigue because it can cause a challenge to perform daily tasks. Moreover, there can be essential tasks that may suffer. For instance, it may stop you from going to work or school.

There are various ways to feel energised; for example, an energise tea by Mother Cup Tea can help you feel comfortable and relaxed. We will also learn more ways of how to increase energy levels during mensturation!

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How Can Women Build Strength During Periods?

Is It Normal To Have Lower Levels Of Energy During Mensturation?

Yes. Lower levels of energy are the most common symptom of PMS. Yet, there is nothing to worry about if you feel less energy before or during your periods. Feeling short on fuel when you need it can be not very pleasant. 

Feeling low and drained of energy is normal, and many women feel the same way. However, it must be treated if a severe form of PMS happens called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). It is when you feel extreme tiredness and numerous emotions.

You can know if you have PMDD; it occurs 7 to 10 days before the period and has similar symptoms to PMS. The signs you can feel during PMS and PMDD are accompanied by emotional symptoms like- sadness, anger, feeling out of control, crying spells, irritability, and lack of interest in things.

The hormones in a woman's body fluctuate broadly, which can result in the struggle for a good night's sleep. The iron level drops, and then you succumb to the sugar cravings. So focusing on these particulars and taking care of them is what can help you. The progesterone level rises to the peak and then falls during this period.

Is It Normal To Have Lower Levels Of Energy During Mensturation?

Why Do You Feel Low On Energy During Periods?

There are multiple reasons that you feel low on energy during periods, but here I have categorised them broadly, and we will have a look at them:-

  1. Hormones- One primary reason you go through so many emotions during your period is that the hormones go through a roller coaster that causes fatigue. The imbalance in hormones is what causes rapid mood changes.
  2. Cravings- The sudden craving for carbs and the need for a sugar rush are tempting, but that does not mean you will have energy from them. Sugar rush usually is packed with energy, but in this case, you will feel a sudden rush and then back to feeling low, which will again lead to you getting back to the craving, yet having at it again. It is a repetitive cycle, yet a vicious one!
  3. Iron deficiency- The iron levels become low at this point can make the condition a little worse. Iron can be a reason for certain discomforts like not getting a night of good sleep and stress, then you should keep track of your Iron intake.
Why Do You Feel Low On Energy During Periods?

How To Build Strength During Your Periods?

1. Use An App To Track Periods

The first thing you should do is keep track of your periods and the due date. It may become uncertain about tracking the exact date without help. Moreover, sometimes the cycle changes to one day after or before the due date. An app helps you monitor the kind of body cycle you have and can help you give accurate data. 

Now, you will be prepared and know when your periods are about to come. Moreover, it will track your next period and keep a record of your emotions and energy levels. Once you start recognising before your period, you can begin preparing by changing your diet and physical activity.

Use An App To Track Periods

2. Nutrient Rich Food

At this time of the month, craving sweets and fast foods are hard to resist, but there are better options than just giving in to these easy foods. Sugar intake may leave you with a sugar comedown in the afternoon, making you feel sleepy. Try having protein-enriched foods like vegetables and pulses. 

When you lose blood, it causes iron loss, so you should try to have iron-rich foods like spinach. Also, foods which will help you with the cramps. Iron is also responsible for your fatigue, so monitor your iron intake. You can even have hydrate tea to help you with the pain. Look for Teas by Mother Cupp Tea; we have many options to help you feel good during cramps.
Nutrient Rich Food

3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is a prominent factor that most people tend to neglect, but it plays a crucial role in periods. Sleep may be one such thing that everybody considers but do you do it right? Many must pay more attention to the winding down part before their sleep ritual! You should get complete rest, which will help you fight premenstrual fatigue. 

You can do some things to ensure an 8-hour sleep. It would be best if you did something like this: 

  • Cut your screen time of all screens to nill an hour before you sleep
  • Avoid caffeine after the first half of the day
  • Have a sanctuary for shut-eye
  • Make a routine to hit the hay at the same hour daily

Other things like exercising, going for a gentle walk, staying hydrated and staying away from alcohol can help you cope better with periods.

Sleep Cycle

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How Can Mother Cup Tea Help Build Energy During Periods?

The Energise tea is a one-of-a-kind product by Mother Cup Tea that is specially infused with ingredients to increase your energy levels. It has elements like Ashwagandha, Beetroot and Schizandra Berries. The Beetroot in the tea is good for muscle fuel efficiency and stamina. Ashwagandha is an antioxidant used for centuries for endurance and stamina. Lastly, Schizandra Berries is a Chinese medicine that reduces fatigue and is suitable for mental health, lung, heart and kidneys.

Boost Your Strength and Energy During Your Periods with Mother Cup Tea

Embracing the natural cycle of womanhood comes with its unique set of challenges, and fatigue during periods is a common experience that many women can relate to. At Mother Cup Tea, we understand the importance of staying energized and strong during your menstrual cycle, which is why we've crafted a holistic approach to help you navigate these times with ease.

As you navigate the journey of womanhood, remember that Mother Cup Tea is your trusted companion, offering natural and effective solutions to support your well-being. The Energise blend is not just a tea; it's a source of vitality and strength that empowers you to face each day with renewed energy and resilience.

Embrace the Power of Mother Cup Tea

Explore our range of teas designed to uplift your body and spirit. From Hydrate to Energise, each blend is a testament to our commitment to your well-being. Take charge of your energy levels during your periods with Mother Cup Tea and embark on a journey of empowerment and vitality. Your strength knows no bounds, and we're here to help you harness it.

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