How To Relieve Breast Tenderness and Swelling During Menopause?

How To Relieve Breast Tenderness and Swelling During Menopause? - Mother Cuppa Tea

Are swollen, lumpy, and tender breasts making you crazy? If yes, it's time to take extra care of yourself. So, if you are wondering 'How to relieve breast tenderness and swelling during menopause', you've come to the right spot. Let's go on a ride full of information and remedies to seek relief from breast swelling and tenderness.

How To Relieve Breast Tenderness and Swelling During Menopause

When Does Breast Swelling Happen?

It is a part of PMS symptoms. You must have noticed some days before your period starts, or maybe when you are on your period, you might feel heaviness and lumpiness in your breasts. To add, you might feel irritated while sleeping. Especially if you have the habit of sleeping on your chest, the posture becomes slightly painful. The area becomes so sensitive that you do not feel like touching it. Forget remedies of applying some moisturiser or oil; you fail even to touch the same. All of it happens due to breast swelling and tenderness. 

But when it's menopause, it is more difficult!

Understand the timeline!

Before understanding the timeline, it is essential to know the exact cause of the same. The real reason is responsible for making it occur repetitively every month. However, this tends to happen in the second half of the monthly cycle.

How perimenopause affects bleeding during your period

However, when it is menopause, you will start noticing changes in your breasts may be years or some months ago.

Root Cause Of Breast Swelling And Tenderness

Behind every menace happening, the only criminal that needs to be put behind bars is Hormone! It aligns with its group of friends, and these hormones cause all the PMS symptoms to happen from head to toe.

Root Cause Of Breast Swelling And Tenderness

Understand how Oestrogen and Progesterone contribute

Oestrogen levels increase during the mid of the cycle, making breast ducts enhance. On the other hand, progesterone levels also increase when it's around the 21st day in the cycle of 28 days. It directly impacts the milk glands and makes them grow.

Causes of breast swelling and tenderness during menopause

Before the periods, fluid builds up inside these breasts that causes swelling and tenderness. It is said hormonal changes of perimenopause may impact the cycle that leads to the soreness of breasts. The unpredictable fluctuations of these hormones are the reasons behind it. So, we can say the causes of breast swelling and tenderness during menopause can be because:

  • Oestrogen Drop: As its levels decrease during menopause, it impacts the milk system of the breasts, contracting the glandular tissues in the breasts.
  • Affects Shape and Size: This further comes along with the sagging of breasts, making the size of the breasts lesser than before. 

Causes of breast swelling and tenderness during menopause

Wise Ideas On How To Relieve Breast Tenderness And Swelling!

Be it regular periods or be it approaching menopause, tender breasts are most of the time hard to handle. These cause irritation, pain, and not a good feeling for sure. It gets troublesome to walk, wear clothes, and even hug your favourite stuffed toy when you need it the most, i.e. during low times and mood swings! So then, what to do? Here are some remedies that will surely help you get better at it. 

Remedies of all remedies: Having Water! 

Almost every problem is sorted with the intake of Water. Having Water stops dehydration. Otherwise, this dehydration may initiate fluid retention, causing breast pains

Time to change the wardrobe!

If you can buy the best supportive bras, tees, and tights for the gym, you must also buy clothes for tender breasts during menopause. It is essential to understand that type of clothing may also impact your conditions. After all, we all know comfortable clothing is the best of all! So, change your wardrobe and include clothes that keep your breasts loose while providing support. It's going to be wise shopping. So, testing time for you all, ladies! Let your shopping expertise show up here! 

Exercise Daily

Menopause comes along with loads of other problems. Do not neglect any of the symptoms. Breast swelling and tenderness must not be taken for granted. Yes, these are common during periods and more common during menopause but if nothing works, contact your doctor immediately. But before knocking on the doors for medicines, try exercise and meditation. Make it your habit, and go ahead with some homemade and natural remedies.

Herbal Tea Remedies

Mother Cuppa Tea offers two exceptional herbal tea blends, Energise and Hydrate, that can provide relief from breast swelling and tenderness. Energise, packed with ginger, apple pieces, hibiscus, Rosehip, and lemongrass, acts as a rejuvenating alternative to coffee. Its natural ingredients help replenish lost energy levels due to menstrual symptoms. On the other hand, Hydrate, infused with rooibos and elderflower, aids in staying hydrated, a crucial aspect of managing discomfort. Incorporating these teas into your routine can bring comfort and ease to your daily life.

Daily Exercise To Relieve Breast Tenderness And Swelling

How Can A Cup Of Tea Help With Breast Swelling And Tenderness?

Say no to Coffee but yes to Tea!

Caffeine is hard to handle. If consumed in the form of Coffee, symptoms of breast tenderness may worsen. Instead, it is advisable to drink healthy Tea. Well, we have two mind-blowing options here. Both of these teas from Mother Cuppa are helpful during the periods of menopause and their symptoms. Including a combo of both these teas is recommended to gain better results. You may fix the timings for the intake of these miraculous drinks.

  1. Energise: It is an alternative to Coffee. While you are flipping sides while sleeping with sore breasts, wake up, grab a cup of Energise Mother Cuppa tea, feel relieved and soak in satisfaction! Having ginger, apple pieces, hibiscus, Rosehip, lemongrass, and so many other precious and natural ingredients, it serves as the best drink to come out of the stress of painful symptoms. It helps to rejuvenate and gain back energy levels that have been lost because of period symptoms.The energise tea will help you get that spunk of energy back by giving stamina and endurance to you. 
  2. Hydrate: This works wonders while making you stay hydrated. As we are aware, staying hydrated during such symptoms is the need of the hour. So, if you fail to develop the habit of drinking water, start with Hydrate Mother Cuppa tea. We recommend this in your routine life, along with the intake of Water, to leave no stone unturned for overall wellness. Infused with the power of rooibos and elderflower, it is a phenomenal formulation to help you swim across the tides of pain and discomfort.  You want the energising tea because dehydration can lead to brain fog, which can affect your ability to perform daily/crucial tasks. So have the tea and bring your focus back.

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How Can A Cup Of Tea Help With Breast Swelling And Tenderness

What's The Way Out? 

This breast swelling and tenderness, also called cyclical mastalgia, can be cured if taken care of. All of the above-mentioned tips work great when followed with the whole heart. Especially the Mother Cuppa Energise and Hydrate tea intake. This is the only thing that requires rare efforts but provides maximum benefits. Moreover, it is the easiest and less draining tip for a helpless woman in pain. Start with it and try other remedies along with it to see magical results. So, now that you know 'How to relieve breast tenderness and swelling during menopause', how about beginning right away?

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