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When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods? - Mother Cuppa Tea
It’s not merely bleeding periods but bloating periods! Bloating symptoms may begin days before the period and may go away once your period starts or maybe some days later. However, it depends on the body. Read ahead to know ‘When...
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How To Relieve Breast Tenderness and Swelling During Menopause? - Mother Cuppa Tea
Are swollen, lumpy, and tender breasts making you crazy? If yes, it's time to take extra care of yourself. So, if you are wondering 'How to relieve breast tenderness and swelling during menopause', you've come to the right spot. Let's...
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Is it PMDD or perimenopause?
Navigating Hormonal Changes Are you on a quest to understand the nuances of hormonal fluctuations during your perimenopause journey? If you've found yourself frantically Googling terms like PMDD and perimenopause, you're not alone. I have too! In this blog, we'll...
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