When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods?

When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods? - Mother Cuppa Tea

It’s not merely bleeding periods but bloating periods! Bloating symptoms may begin days before the period and may go away once your period starts or maybe some days later. However, it depends on the body. Read ahead to know ‘When does bloating go away after periods?’

When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods

Concept Of Bloating

Before proceeding, it is essential to understand the concept of bloating. This is a short-term phase impacting the gastrointestinal tract.

What is bloating?

Bloating is when our tummy has excess gas, liquids, or air. This gives a feeling of uneasiness and fullness. Usually, no severe medical attention is issued, but if it stays long, it impacts health and wellness. It causes a feeling of stress and awkwardness.

When does it occur?

Suppose you are out for a party and have gulped in heavy food at night. It fails to digest, releases gases inside, causes acidic reflux and makes you uneasy. This may cause bloating. Let’s take another instance. Your tracking app is beeping and alarming you about periods. It’s about to begin in some days, and you have started either farting or feeling nauseous or uneasy inside the tummy. This is bloating.

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When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods

Connection Of Bloating and Periods

Bloating and periods come together, go together. Yes, there are chances it may not happen at all, but bloating is witnessed chiefly among women of all ages. Of course, there is nothing to worry about, but this can’t be ignored. Already PMS symptoms mess with routine life. Imagine one of the symptoms making life a living hell. 

Dealing with Bloating During Menstruation: Tips and Natural Remedies

Menstrual bloating is a common discomfort experienced by many women, often referred to as bloating periods. This phenomenon occurs due to hormonal fluctuations that coincide with the menstrual cycle, leading to feelings of fullness, discomfort, and even digestive issues. Bloating and menstruation go hand in hand, as hormone levels such as estrogen and progesterone play a pivotal role in regulating various bodily processes. Hormonal bloating, caused by increased water retention and gas buildup, can start a few days before the period and may last for some days into the cycle. However, each woman's body is unique, and the duration and severity of bloating can vary.

Why does bloating happen while menstruating?

Hormones! Hormones control the entire process of menstruation. These turn the tables for every lady! Oestrogen and Progesterone fluctuate to cause PMS symptoms, including bloating. High Oestrogen levels indicate water retaining. On the other hand, when Progesterone is enhanced, a feeling of bloating and fullness happens. So, both these hormones are responsible for bloating periods.

What Issues Are Faced While Bloating Durings Menses?

Bloating causes many problems. Bloating can cause uncontrollable farts, burps, and acid refluxes. This can be embarrassing for your group of friends. Imagine working in the office and bloating creates issues. Desk job already brings along tons of problems. Bloating increases the issues. Similarly, the list of discomfort is endless.

Problems arising while bloating

  • Work-life balancing problems
  • Difficulty in gulping proper food
  • Continuous acidic reflux
  • Farts and burps
  • Dry cough that occurs due to reflux
  • Tiredness
  • Vomits feeling
  • The feeling of having a full tummy
  • Problems in sleeping
  • Slight uneasiness or mild pain in the tummy
  • Difficulty in breathing due to stuffed feeling or feeling of fullness
  • And much, much more!!!

Finally, When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods?

It goes away finally when you wrap up your monthly cycle. As stated above, the symptoms show up two to three days before the period begins. The moment you start on your period, within a day or two, it goes away. In some cases, it may extend, depending on the body, lifestyle, and eating habits.

Finally, When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods

What if it doesn’t go?

If it does not go away, you must contact the doctor. There might be a need for medication or expert guidance to cure the problem. Moreover, it could be the symptom of some extended issues also. Let the expert figure it out. Yes, what we can do from our end is keep track of symptoms and problems arising, along with a detailed note of the diet you are consuming. It will help the doctor figure out things and link further to know the exact cause.

Tips To Seek Relaxation During Bloating Periods

 There are many ways to seek immediate relief from bloating. From rectifying eating habits to improving lifestyles, there could be many ways. Note down each one of these and practise them during every monthly cycle.

Saying no laziness

If you like dozing off, sitting on the sofa, and being a couch potato, you add to the mess. This impacts your tummy and indicates reduced digestion.

Walking and meditating

Walking in the morning or lightly after eating may also help reduce bloating. Meditation helps calm down the body and mind, and it helps stay focused. It also increases resistance power, so it makes situations a little bearable.

Consuming Tea

Managing Bloating During Your Menstrual Cycle: Tips and Herbal Solutions

Managing bloating during periods requires a combination of effective strategies to alleviate discomfort and restore your well-being. While bloating and hormone fluctuations are interconnected, there are ways to minimize its impact. Understanding the causes of bloating during menstruation, such as hormonal changes and water retention, can empower you to make informed choices. To relieve bloating, consider incorporating natural remedies for bloating relief. One such solution is herbal tea, specifically formulated to address PMS symptoms, including bloating. Herbal teas like Mother Cuppa’s 'Relax' blend, featuring ingredients like Rosehip, Roasted Dandelion, and Lavender, can provide soothing relief without exacerbating acidity concerns.

Relax tea for periods

How Can A Cup Of Tea Help With Bloating? 

Tea is a miraculous drink that soothes you from within. You must have heard tea enhances acidity. But here, we are talking about a special kind of tea created to help with PMS symptoms. This tea has a natural infusion that can not cause acidity but helps you stay satisfied. Regarding bloating, Mother Cuppa’s ‘Relax’ tea helps the most. It is a potent formulation with the essence of Rosehip. Roasted Dandelion, Pear, Cinamon, Apple, Orange, Quinoa Lavender, and many other powerful ingredients. All these natural ingredients combine to provide relaxation. As it’s in the name- Simply Relax!!!

How Can A Cup Of Tea Help With Bloating

Drinking water

Drinking water helps reduce bloating. But do not gulp in excess water. Having loads of water also gives you a feeling of fullness. I talk a lot about consuming enough fluids in your day and how this can help with inflammation in the body.  


Avoid Foods That Are Hard to Digest

Food items that take time to digest must be avoided. Do not eat fried or heavy foods at night. Eat light, easy food with limited spices. This will neither cause a burning sensation nor enhance bloating.

Do not have alcohol

We aren’t stopping you from living your life, but it must be followed for the sake of health. Do not have alcohol, as it may enhance bloating issues. Try to stay away from it while you are undergoing problems of bloating.

Do not forget to exercise

Yoga or exercise helps you stay active, energise your body, and help foods stay digested. With fresh air intake, the body is cleansed and helps release gas immediately. So, it can be of great help.

Do not forget to exercise

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Now that you know the answer to ‘when does bloating go away after periods’, what are you waiting for? You can foresee it, but now you know ways to resolve it, with the easiest and quickest being Mother Cuppa Tea's Relax version. So ! So why worry? 

Relaxing tea

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