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Dr Cary's Sonnenberg menopause specialist
Dr Cary’s then went into descriptive detail about the different HRT options, she had examples with her to demonstrate each method and the benefits of each one allowing me to make an informed decision about what would be right for me.  
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Does Taking Iron Make Your Period Heavier? - Mother Cuppa Tea
I write this article following years of a hormone condition and painful heavy periods each month. There is nothing i haven't googled to help me manage my periods and Iron is an interesting topic. It is a common misconception that...
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When Does Bloating Go Away After Periods? - Mother Cuppa Tea
It’s not merely bleeding periods but bloating periods! Bloating symptoms may begin days before the period and may go away once your period starts or maybe some days later. However, it depends on the body. Read ahead to know ‘When...
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How To Reduce Eye Irritation During Periods? - Mother Cuppa Tea
If you think the time of the month comes along with cramps, mood swings, or restlessness only, then you are wrong. Periods have been associated with irritation in the eyes, also. Ever noticed irritability during periods? If not, it's high...
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