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Weight gain during menopause
One of the bug bares of menopause (amongst other things) is when your body goes through menopause, it can affect your weight. I would consider myself an active person, eat well, exercise frequently and yet I have started to notice, and friends have also commented on their own experience of starting to store fat around the middle. 
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Everything you need to know about HRT
I've not started HRT on my perimenopause journey yet. So, I have some research into the subject to understand what’s it all about.  
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How To Reduce Eye Irritation During Periods? - Mother Cuppa Tea
If you think the time of the month comes along with cramps, mood swings, or restlessness only, then you are wrong. Periods have been associated with irritation in the eyes, also. Ever noticed irritability during periods? If not, it's high...
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