Navigating Perimenopause with a Private Women's Health Specialist: A Personal Journey of Discovery and Empowerment

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Entering the uncharted territory of perimenopause at the young age of 40 was an unexpected twist that took me by surprise. As I grappled with a deluge of symptoms, I was oblivious to the connection between these perplexing changes and perimenopause. Initially, I attributed my sleep disturbances during the lockdown to external stressors. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a series of enigmatic symptoms that would gradually weave a complex tapestry of perimenopausal challenges.

My Perimenopausal Journey: A Personal Account

At 40, the notion of perimenopause had not even crossed my mind. Three years ago, during the first lockdown, my sleep suffered, and I chalked it up to the stressors in my life at the time. However, as life returned to some semblance of normalcy, my sleep troubles persisted. Over the following years, I began experiencing other perplexing symptoms, yet the connection to perimenopause remained elusive.

Here are some of the symptoms I now recognize as part of my perimenopausal journey:

1. Inability to Sleep Through the Night
2. Nighttime Anxiety
3. Profuse Night Sweats
4. Reduced Confidence
5. Decreased Stress Tolerance and Feelings of Overwhelm
6. Frequent Forgetfulness
7. Misplacing Items in Odd Places
8. Outbursts of Anger
9. Mood Swings
10. Worsening PMS (Googling PMDD)
11. Brain Fog
12. Heavy Bleeding and Cramps

I eventually sought help from my GP regarding my sleep issues. After reviewing my medical history, which included treatment for endometriosis and a medical-induced, reversible menopause two decades ago, my GP suggested that these could be perimenopausal symptoms and recommended keeping a symptom diary. Relief washed over me as I realized I wasn't going mad after all. I had even booked an appointment with a therapist, convinced that something was seriously wrong with me.

My blood tests, however, returned no conclusive evidence, and a different GP opined that my body might be entering ovarian failure. She dismissed the possibility of perimenopause at 40 and advised against considering Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) until age 45, leaving me disheartened. When i finally got another opinion and a second round of bloods completed it was confirmed i was indeed in early menopause. 

I felt old before my time, upset and felt like time was slipping away from me. Little did I know this would end up leading to my best chapter yet and launching Mother Cuppa. 



A Beacon of Light: Discovering Dr. Cary’s Sonnenberg and Rowena Health

My turning point in this journey came when I stumbled upon Dr. Cary’s Sonnenberg on TikTok. Dr. Sonnenberg had recently established Rowena Health, a private women's health clinic specializing in menopause. Her social media platforms served as both an educational resource for those in perimenopause and a platform promoting women's health. Dr. Sonnenberg's knack for simplifying complex medical concepts resonated with me.

Dr. Cary’s graciously invited me to participate in the testing of her new website and provided feedback as part of the launch of her business. Here's my review of the process.

Empowering Perimenopausal Women: Dr. Cary’s Sonnenberg and Rowena Health

The process on Dr. Cary's website was straightforward. I selected a convenient date and time slot for an appointment. Prior to the meeting, I received a questionnaire that prompted me to detail my symptoms and share insights into my personal journey. This allowed Dr. Cary’s to gain a preliminary understanding of my concerns.

The 45-minute appointment was enlightening. We delved into the questionnaire, and I had the opportunity to elaborate on my symptoms. Dr. Cary’s provided a comprehensive explanation of hormonal fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle and when one might experience a drop in hormone levels. Understanding this cycle was an eye-opener.

Dr. Cary’s then discussed various HRT options, illustrating each method and its benefits. This enabled me to make an informed decision about the right HRT for my needs. What stood out was her holistic approach, addressing my overall health and lifestyle choices, suggesting enhancements to consider alongside HRT.

Post-appointment, I received a detailed report summarizing our discussion, highlighting my symptoms, and outlining suitable HRT options. The report also included additional resources for further research, all available on Dr. Cary’s informative website.

Dr. Cary’s offers follow-up appointments and reviews, making her services a valuable resource for women navigating perimenopause. I won't be returning to my GP for my perimenopausal journey. Dr. Cary’s specialist advice and in-depth support are invaluable, something I couldn't find within the confines of my surgery.

Navigating Perimenopause: Insights and Guidance

Perimenopause, often referred to as the "menopause transition," is a stage of a woman's life that typically begins in the late 30s to early 40s. It's characterized by hormonal fluctuations and can bring a wide range of physical and emotional changes. Here are some additional insights to help you navigate this phase:

1. Recognizing Perimenopausal Symptoms

- Perimenopause symptoms can vary widely, but common ones include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and changes in libido.
- It's essential to recognize these symptoms as potential signs of perimenopause to seek appropriate support and treatments.

2. Seeking Professional Guidance

- If you suspect you're in perimenopause, consult a women's health specialist or gynecologist who can provide expert guidance and treatment options.
- Keeping a symptom diary can be helpful for tracking changes in your health and discussing them with your healthcare provider.

3. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

- HRT can be an effective option to manage perimenopausal symptoms, but it should be discussed with a healthcare professional who can assess your individual needs.
- Dr. Cary’s Sonnenberg, founder of Rowena Health, is a specialist in this area and can provide personalized advice.

4. Holistic Health Approach

- In addition to medical treatments, consider holistic approaches to managing perimenopause, such as maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques.
- These lifestyle changes can complement medical treatments and enhance your overall well-being.

5. Continual Support and Education

- Perimenopause is a dynamic phase of life, and it's important to stay informed about the latest developments in women's health.
- Dr. Cary’s Sonnenberg's website offers a wealth of articles and resources to keep you educated and empowered throughout your perimenopausal journey.

Elevate Your Perimenopause Experience with the Wellness Collection: Your Tailored Companion

As you navigate the intricate terrain of perimenopause, consider embracing the soothing embrace of the Wellness Collection. This carefully curated selection of herbal blends is designed with a profound understanding of the challenges associated with this life phase. Whether you're seeking relief from night sweats, yearning for restful slumber, or striving to revitalize your energy, the Wellness Collection offers a natural sanctuary.

With each sip, you're invited into a realm of self-nurturing, where the art of self-care seamlessly merges with the transformative essence of perimenopause. Unveil the treasures of nature's wisdom and infuse your perimenopause journey with the harmonious solace


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  • Carys Sonnenberg

    Thank you so much, Candice, it was a pleasure to meet you and to be able to help support you with your symptoms. I realise that private menopause care can be expensive but for some women I do feel it is so valuable to see someone who is passionate about women’s health and to come away with an understanding of why they are having their symptoms, a discussion through all the symptoms and all of the choices available to them and an individual menopause care plan, perfect for them which can help them manage their symptoms and make some little healthy lifestyle changes that can protect their future health. Thank you for helping me with Rowena Health.

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