Does Hot Water Bottle Help With Period Cramps?

Does Hot Water Bottle Help With Period Cramps? - Mother Cuppa Tea

A hot water bottle is a saviour in period cramps. So, if you see women wanting hot bottles during that time of the month, it has a reason. It isn't merely psychology but science that provides relief during periods. 

There are many expert opinions on the same. Most gynaecologists also suggest hot water bottles in period pains. So, if someone asks you, does hot water bottle help with period cramps? Say Yes! 

What Are Period Cramps?

Before knowing how a bottle helps the body, it is essential to understand what cramps are and how they occur during menstruation.

What Are Period Cramps?

How do cramps happen?

Cramps happen when the uterus, where a baby grows, squeezes up. This muscular squeezing is linked to helping blood move out of the vagina during periods. The cause of this process is a chemical known as prostaglandins. The excess of prostaglandins causes pain. However, the compounds of prostaglandins are meant to be released from the uterine lining when it is about to be shed away. Since excess of everything is terrible, excess of it causes pain here.

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How to notice cramps?

These are easily noticeable. As a woman, you will feel it. These can be mild or severe, or both. You may also get pelvic pain along with this. That's when period cramps can be cured with hot water bottles.

Why Do You Need A Hot Water Bottle For Menstrual Cramps?

Hot water bottles are designed in a way to provide warmth in continuity. These bottles help to provide heat to a specific spot; such bottles work wonders. Sealed with a stopper or cap, these work best when used in bed while the body longs for cosiness and warmth.

Why Do You Need A Hot Water Bottle For Menstrual Cramps?

Suggestions to use the bottle

Usually, these bottles are made up of rubber or PVC. It is advised to use these bottles with care. Especially when you are struggling with period cramps, extra care is recommended.

  • The first suggestion is to never overfill the bottle.
  • Secondly, boiling water is a big no. Using warm water but excessively bubbled-up boiled water is risky.
  • The hot water bottles are available with covering cloths. Using the bottles with them is advisable to avoid quick skin burns or direct heat to the body parts. 
  • Do not ever try to slip, throw, roll, or mould it while it is filled. Even when empty, it must not be done. This can damage the bottle, letting the hot water spill away or stopping the bottle from portraying its actual capability.
  • Always replace the bottle with time, and use it sparingly

How Does a Hot Water Bottle Help With Period Cramps? 

We must have seen our grannies and mommies wrapped up in warm bottles. They did it because it made sense. It has been one of the easiest and oldest remedies to seek relief during period cramps. PMS symptoms are uncontrollable, so if a bottle helps you, why gulp in unnecessary medicines?

Helps Relax Tummy

The moment you provide warmth to the lower abdomen, muscles are relaxed. Usually, tension is witnessed amid muscles due to cramping. The warm bottle helps uterus muscles relax, eases pain, and enhances blood circulation

How Does a Hot Water Bottle Help With Period Cramps?

Soothes Mind 

Psychology plays a vital role in periods. Generally speaking, ask any woman, 'Does a hot water bottle help period cramps?' This would be followed by a Yes! Understand there is a psychology attached to it. Since it is an old remedy passed onto future generations, it has developed in the minds that yes - It will help soothe my tummy and help me seek relief from period cramps.

Warm Temperature To Lift Up Mood

Warm temperatures through hot water bottles may also help you lift up your mood and get better with mood swings. How? The moment you feel relaxed, stress takes an exit. That feeling of 'Ahh! Now it's all fine' lifts up the mood and stops you from being cranky. 

Its one of the reasons I'm such an avid fan of tea, this warm drink is such a comfort to you during this time and can feel lie a huge hug in a mug

@mother_cuppa Who’s guilty of not taking that moment to yourself? Yep me too ☝️ The pace at which life takes us sometimes does not allow a moment to just stop and breathe. I’ve had a polite reminder this week. It reminded me that one of the amazing things I did with my relax blend is to make it smell amazing and there was a very good reason for this. Smells invigorate to senses and can help to bring about a calm feeling. Exactly what I needed today. #selfcare #breathe #calm #takeamoment #unwind #recentre #unwind ♬ original sound - Mother Cuppa Tea

Help Ease Impact Of Wrong Products

A variety of pads, pantyliners, tampons and other products are available in the market. Some are body-friendly, while some are not. If some of these products damage your menstrual health, water bottles may help relax that area. But it is advisable to never provide direct heat to sensitive areas and use the water bottle with cover as stated above. 

2 Remedies To Seek Relief During Period Cramps

Along with using warm bottles, some remedies must be followed to provide relaxation while having period cramps. 

1. Drink Water

Some clear water drops will never drown you in the sea of pain! The more you drink water, the more you stay hydrated. The body stays moist and infection-free.

Remedies To Seek Relief During Period Cramps

2. Use Kitchen Ingredients

Grab ancient traditional kitchen ingredients and consume them per wise recommendations in apt dosages. This is way better than medicines.

How Can A Cup Of Tea With A Warm Bottle Help?

With Energise tea it is the best combination ever! The logic lies behind providing warmth to the body, focusing on the intake of liquids, and seeking something that provides relaxation to the mind and the body. 

Choosing Herbal Tea is the Need of the Hour!

One of the best is Mother Cuppa's Energise Tea. Get rid of caffeine-infused coffees and introduce this in your diet. It is a potent herbal formulation of traditional herbs such as Ginger, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Beetroot, Rosehip, Ashwagandha, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Orange Peels, Schizandra Berries, Dried Cranberry, and much more. 

Imagine collecting all these ingredients independently and trying to gulp them all to seek benefits. Seems difficult? That's why choosing herbal tea is the best decision.


How Can A Cup Of Tea With A Warm Bottle Help? ‌ 

Create a relaxing atmosphere for you!

After you make the tea, grab the warm bottle, place it on your tummy and sit comfortably in your quilt. With each sip, affirm, 'I am absolutely fine! These period cramps are nothing.' Involve yourself in creative activities such as listening to good music, watching meaningful videos, searching for good podcasts, or scribbling or doodling. This altogether definitely helps to cure pain period cramps. So, wellness is not far away!

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How Can Energise Tea Help Ladies With Cramps?

Cramps make you feel distorted and really low. But energise tea can help you turn that around because the natural ingredients in this tea are Ashwagandha, Beetroot and Schizandra Berries. Together, these are great for spiking energy levels and boosting mood while supporting mental health. So even during cramps, you will have the stamina and endurance to perform all your tasks.

Mother Cuppa's Energise Tea for Period Cramps

Mother Cuppa's Energise Tea is a holistic solution designed to empower women during their periods. Packed with the goodness of Ashwagandha, Beetroot, and Schizandra Berries, this herbal blend can naturally boost your energy levels, enhance mood, and provide relief from cramps.

Empower Yourself with Comfort and Relief

By combining the soothing benefits of a hot water bottle with the revitalizing properties of Energise Tea, you can create a comprehensive approach to managing period cramps. Embrace the power of natural solutions to support your well-being and navigate your menstrual cycle with greater ease and comfort. Remember, your body's strength is remarkable, and these tools are here to help you harness it.

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