Is Alcohol Good for Menopause?

Is Alcohol Good for Menopause?

It would not be wrong to say that going through menopause is one of the hardest phases of a woman's life. Your body has to go through many hormonal changes, resulting in severe discomfort. During menopause, women have to deal with insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, joint pain, brain fog and much more. The experience can be so stressful that anyone would love to reach out for a glass of wine.

It's no secret that menopause symptoms can cast a significant shadow over a woman's daily life, thanks to the intricate hormonal changes that take center stage during this phase. Amidst this complex interplay of biology, the role of alcohol and menopause is often underestimated, despite its potential to exacerbate discomfort. In fact, the harmful effects of alcohol during menopause can be far-reaching, impacting various aspects of well-being.

 hardest phases of a woman's life.

However, whether women should have alcohol during menopause is highly debated on the internet. While many believe drinking alcohol during menopause is safe, others think it can worsen your menopause symptoms. Are you wondering the same? Well, indeed, alcohol and menopause are a harmful combination.

A glass of your favourite alcoholic drink might give you a few moments of joy and relaxation. However, they will last until severe menopause symptoms kick in. If you are not fond of drinking alcohol, it might not be a problem to ignore it in your transition period - menstruation to menopause. However, if you are a heavy drinker, avoiding alcohol during menopause will seem challenging.

Read this article to learn why alcohol consumption during menopause is harmful and what drink alternatives you can try to relax your body.

How Does Alcohol Make Menopause Symptoms Worse?

 How Does Alcohol Make Menopause Symptoms Worse

Menopause is definitely a challenging period in any woman's life. Trying to balance personal and professional lives while experiencing menopause symptoms that are taking a toll on your physical and mental health can be anything but easy. Sometimes, it becomes so stressful that women have no choice but to reach out for a glass of alcohol.

However, by doing so, they are making the situation worse for themselves as alcohol will accelerate menopause symptoms. For your better understanding, here is how alcohol consumption can make your menopause symptoms worse:

Increase Night Sweats

 Increase Night Sweats

Do you know caffeine and spicy foods can increase your body temperature? Well, alcohol does that too. Drinking alcohol during menopause can cause spikes in your body temperature, worsening night sweats. However, if you still cannot resist a glass of wine during menopause, it is better to have it during the daytime.

Having alcohol close to bedtime can make night sweats unbearable for menopausal women.

Promotes Poor Sleep

 Promotes Poor Sleep

Alcohol and menopause do not go well together. While being drenched in sweat was not enough, alcohol also makes women pee more at night as it is a diuretic. Therefore, drinking alcohol during menopause will make your chances of having a good night's sleep even slimmer. Moreover, alcohol consumption will affect your circadian rhythm and will negatively impact your ability to go into a deep sleep.

While menopause itself makes it difficult for women to enjoy peaceful sleep, alcohol consumption can make it even harder.

Increase Mood Swings  

 Increase Mood Swings

During menopause, women are vulnerable to developing depression and anxiety, especially if they have gone through this condition in the past. It happens because of the significant drop in estrogen levels in their body, which further reduces serotonin. The serotonin reduction further affects the pleasure receptors in the brain, leading to mood swings.

On top of that, if you drink alcohol which is known as a Central Nervous System depressant, it is going to make your mood swings worse.  

Loss of Bone Density

 Loss of Bone Density

During menopause, a woman's bones might become brittle and porous. Drinking alcohol during menopause can cause more bone damage and increase your chances of developing osteoporosis later in life. Moreover, alcohol consumption is linked to various types of cancers. According to a study, post-menopausal women with high alcohol consumption were at greater risk of developing breast cancer and heart problems.

Alcohol-Free Drink Alternatives During Menopause

Do you want to know about refreshing alcohol-free drinks to help you relax and alleviate menopause symptoms? Here are a few of the most effective ones:

Lemon Water

 Lemon Water

During menopause, it is common for women to experience arteries stiffness. The stiffness in arteries puts women at great risk of forming blood clots as they age. With the help of a daily intake of lemon water, you can reduce the arteries' stiffness, as citrus fruits are known for reducing platelet clumping.

The arteries' stiffness does promote not only blood clotting but also hot flashes and night sweats. The lesser the arteries' stiffness, the lower the chances of hot flashes and night sweats. Daily intake of lemon water will help boost your immunity and ease many symptoms of menopause.

Herbal Teas

Recently, herbal teas have become immensely popular among women for all the right reasons. Whether they want to make their skin glow, relieve period cramps or ease menopause symptoms, herbal tea gets the job done for them. Are you also looking for a herbal tea that helps you ease your menopause journey? Check out Mother Cuppa Tea Wellness Collection.

While there might be many herbal teas for menopause online, no one works better than Mother Cuppa Tea Blends. Our tea blends are formulated using 100% natural and organic ingredients to deliver maximum health benefits to women. Our wellness collection has three tea blends - Energise, Relax and Hydrate. With powerful ingredients like Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, and Elderflower, each tea blend can help you alleviate menopause symptoms.

Here is how each blend works individually:

Energise Tea Blend

Energise Tea Blend

While the  Ashwagandha extract in Energise tea blend will improve your sleep and endurance, Beetroot will help purify the blood and boost your energy levels. At the same time, the Sczhizandra Berries will reduce fatigue and improve mental concentration during menopause. It is perfect for women struggling to remain active and focused during menopause.

Relax Tea Blend

The Puffed Quinoa in Relax tea blend will help relax the muscles with its high magnesium and protein content. Whereas Oat flowering tops and lavender will help strengthen the nervous system and promote relaxation. It is perfect for women dealing with severe depression and anxiety during menopause.

Hydrate Tea Blend

Hydrate tea blend has Rooibos extracts to boost hydration levels and Elderflower extracts to treat symptoms of dehydration. It is perfect for women with altered brain performance due to dehydration. Once their hydration levels are restored, they can perform to their maximum potential.


Menopause is already a challenging phase of a woman's life. However, a high intake of alcohol during menopause can make it even more difficult. Your body will not be able to cope with menopause symptoms well if you don't cut back on alcohol. Therefore, the best approach is to avoid alcohol and use alcohol-free drinks to ease your menopause symptoms.

Mother Cuppa Tea is a reliable brand known for its premium tea blends. Not only do they taste great, but they also help women with menstruation, menopause and fertility-related issues. Explore our website to learn more about our tea blends.

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