Which Are the Best Drinks for Menopause?

Which Are the Best Drinks for Menopause

Menopause is a natural cycle women enter in their 40s or 50s, in which the menstrual cycle stops. The process stays for a whole year and can differ for every woman. Menopause can even last up to 4 years.

But when this natural cycle ends, it brings some problems with it. If you are entering your 40s and experiencing hot flashes and sweat, you are probably getting closer to menopause.

The hormones a woman's body produces also face some decline which can cause problems like vaginal dryness or vaginal bleeding—the balance of the hormones of the female body changes.

Hot flushes can be severe to some while moderate to others, so many women try different sorts of things to cope with them. It is a myth for some women that there is nothing that they can do about hot flushes. But that is not the truth! Of this myth, some women learn to live with the moment and never consult a doctor.

The good news is the hot flushes can be dealt with. Many drinks work like a charm to balance the flushes. With mood changes, you may even feel other problems like weight gain and hair loss.

If you are experiencing hot flushes, then it is not something to worry about; it does not indicate any underlying disease. It simply means that you may be entering menopause. Here are some symptoms you may feel that can determine all you have is because of menopause.

  • Sweating on the face and body.
  • Red flushed face.
  • A sudden feeling of warmth on the neck, chest or face.
  • Racing heartbeat.
  • Anxiety
  • Tingling in your fingers

Here we will have a look at the best drinks for menopause that one can take to get relief from some symptoms.


I know you must be expecting some magic potion after the build-up. But water is the magic potion you need, and people must remember its importance. Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial things for the human body. Water helps with homeostasis and even prevents muscle cramps.

If your body is hydrated, it feels easy to cope with the hot flushes. Moreover, adequate water can even help you with mood swings! You ponder how? Water maintains your hormone levels and helps with bloating, which will keep your mood lightened.

Flushes lead to a sudden rise and decline in the body temperature, so water will help your body to make the transition smooth while making things easier for you.

Water for Menopause


Tea is the next best thing your body will thank you for a while in menopause. It is the most natural and healthy way of coping with menopause. 

You can have different kinds of tea, but some are specially designed for menopause. Suppose you need clarification while standing in the aisle of Walmart, thinking about which tea to buy. Here is a tip for you, look for these ingredients in the tea. If the tea has beetroot, ashwagandha, schizandra berries, rooibos, elderflower, puffed quinoa, oat flowering tops, and lavender, then the tea is good for menopause. 

If you are looking for tea, you have options like chamomile tea, ginger green tea, lemon tea, ginseng, and other teas. But before adding one to your diet, it is recommended to consult a physician if you are on some medication.

  • Chamomile Tea - Chamomile tea is the perfect medicinal herb. It is popular among women working to reduce menopause symptoms. It is suitable for the reproductive organs and balances the blood cortisol levels
  • Ashwagandha Tea - The antioxidant property of ashwagandha has been used for decades for improving endurance and stamina. If you can get the tea with beetroot, then it will be no less than a magic potion for you. This tea will help maintain energy levels and reduce period cramping.
  • Green Tea - Green tea may be one of the most famous teas worldwide for its benefits. It is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. Many people use it for weight loss, but it is excellent for perimenopause and menopause.

Tea for Menopause

Iced Tea

Here is another tea that is good for menopause. The best thing about iced tea is its great flavour and taste. So you can have it without compromising on taste. If you have hot flushes, then it will cool down the body and hydrate you. Have the iced tea without sugar; only then it works best to control the body temperature and balance hormones. If you want to make it sweet, use replacements like stevia, honey or jaggery.

Iced Tea for Menopause

Why should you consider having tea?

Some women like to go for natural alternatives while trying to combat menopause pain. Here is the best option for you. Mother Cuppa Tea has different tea for different problems women face in menopause. These are specially engineered to target specific issues. Try the one which relates to your situation and stay healthy. 

How Can Mother’s Cuppa Tea Help You With Menopause?

If you are looking for a tea that can give you relief from your menopause, hot flashes, cramps and other things, we have the perfect wellness collection box for you. It has our three special teas. Each works wonders and is scientifically designed for you to take care of yourself in menopause. The no.1 Energise tea is the energising tea to maintain your energy levels; the second is the Hydrate tea for keeping the body hydrating; and lastly, Relax tea to help with cramps.

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