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World Menopause day - Mother Cuppa Tea

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The day was designated to raise awareness of the peri-menopause and menopause stages women go through and to support options to improve health and well-being for women in mid-life and beyond.   

The theme this year is cognition and mood. Being a sufferer of brain fog myself, this year’s theme is something I can totally relate to, how about you?   

Menopause brain fog is a group of symptoms that happens around the time of the menopause, including: 

  • difficulty remembering words and numbers,  
  • disruptions in daily life (misplacing items like keys), 
  • trouble concentrating (absent mindedness, losing a train of thought, being more easily distracted), 
  • difficulty switching between tasks,  
  • forgetting the reason for doing something (like why you came into a room), and forgetting appointments and events.  

Research studies find that women’s memory does in fact change at menopause, so these complaints are real – it's not in your imagination. Brain fog is normal and common at midlife. These bothersome problems can affect your quality of life. However, they are usually quite mild and will improve post menopause. 

 A healthy lifestyle of nutritious rich food and exercise are suggested to improve these symptoms and brain training exercises are another way to maintain your brains functions.   

At Mother Cuppa our herbal love affair is what we turn to in times of brain fog and use the power of plants to interact with our bodies neurotransmitters to balance the symptoms.   

Our Number 1 Energise blend has been blended for purpose to support the needs of women entering peri-menopause and during the menopause years. We know the energy levels of your brain and body change during this time and this powerful blend is packed FULL of goodness to support your cognitive functions and see you through the day!   


A powerful adaptogenetic herb has shown to increase cognitive function when taken daily. In a recent study scientists suggested it improves certain cognitive performance including enhancing sustained attention and increasing short term working memory.


Recent studies demonstrated that ginger significantly enhances cognitive function in various cognitive disorders as well as in healthy brain. 

So far, more than 400 bioactive compounds have been identified in ginger. At least 50 of these are antioxidants. Antioxidants are particularly important for the brain since it’s highly susceptible to oxidative damage. 

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effects on the brain are attributed mainly to two unique compounds,  gingerol and shogaol   

Ginger is suggested to increase blood flow to the brain. Adequate blood flow is vital because it delivers nutrients to the brain and removes metabolic waste, toxins, and other debris. Ginger can increase levels of neurotransmitters, chemicals that brain cells use to communicate with one another. 


Mother Cuppa’s favourite ingredient and what we believes makes the blend taste so delicious is more than just a tasty ingredient.  

Hibiscus is blessed with the goodness of vital minerals – calcium, magnesium, iron, which are crucial for the unobstructed relay of signals, as well as oxygen supply to the brain via the nerves. Hibiscus on a daily basis elevates brain power, memory, concentration and boosts moods, thereby alleviating depression, anxiety, for improved nervous system functions and heightened productivity at work and home. 


Mother Cuppa’s secret power ingredient in our Energise blend! Used by athletes all over the world to support endurance, this special ingredient has some super benefits to support a woman’s body.  

The nitrates in beets may improve brain function by promoting the dilation of blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow to the brain. Particularly, beets have been shown to improve blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain, an area associated with higher level thinking like decision making and working memory.

Unlocking Nature's Brilliance for Cognitive Well-Being

At the heart of Mother Cuppa's Energise blend are the harmonious ingredients that work synergistically to rekindle your cognitive vitality. Ashwagandha, known for its adaptogenic properties, takes center stage, aiding in the enhancement of cognitive performance. Ginger, with its rich antioxidant content, becomes a guardian of your brain health, combating oxidative stress and promoting optimal blood flow. Hibiscus, a beloved favorite, not only adds delightful flavor but also bestows essential minerals that pave the way for unobstructed brain function and uplifted moods. And let's not forget beetroot, our secret power ingredient, which supports higher-level thinking by boosting blood flow to the frontal lobe, where decision-making and memory thrive.

When you sip on Mother Cuppa's Energise blend, you're inviting a symphony of nature's brilliance to dance with your neurotransmitters, bringing clarity to your thoughts and a renewed sense of focus. As you embrace the theme of cognition and mood this World Menopause Day, consider partnering with Mother Cuppa to elevate your well-being, one invigorating cup at a time. Experience the harmony of herbs, the embrace of vitality, and the revitalization of your cognitive prowess with every sip. Subscribe to explore more insights into holistic health and discover how our blends can be your steadfast companions on your journey to mental and emotional equilibrium.


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